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Your trusty sidekick in vehicle repair.

Save time and money while getting direct access to repair shops.


How It Works

Repair Needs

Select what repairs you need from a comprehensive list in our app. Or if you have a check engine light, you will need a Bluetooth reader for your Android phone, so RepairLync can send your vehicle data to shops (starting at $24).

Select Shop

Select repair shops based on reviews, location or services.

Send To Repair Shops

Send the vehicle diagnostic data or repair needs to the selected shops.

Get Shop Responses

The shops will then quote you on the price. See note on how this works. You then choose which shop to perform the work.


OBD Technology

1996 and newer gasoline engine vehicles have an onboard diagnostic system (OBD-II) that can give you more information on issues when your check engine light is on. You will need to purchase an approved Bluetooth OBD-II Reader ($24 and up), which will be the link between your vehicle and your Android phone.
List of approved devices

Shop Diagnosis and "Most Common Fix"

RepairLync partner shops will do their best to help you. Your diagnosis may be specific enough for shops to quote the repair. Other times, an OBD-II Diagnosis can have multiple potential causes. In these cases, a shop can at least quote a physical inspection, which will lead to a detailed repair estimate. Please see our Terms of Use for more details on how you are protected.

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